En son beş Chocolate DOUBLE TUBE BALL REFINER Kentsel haber

En son beş Chocolate DOUBLE TUBE BALL REFINER Kentsel haber

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Used to make a variety of chocolate & nut pastes, birli well kakım spreadable creams. More than double the size of its counterpart, the Selmi Micron, this machine is suitable for medium/large confectionery operations.

The well-proven design of these Dry Batch Mixers ensures enough mixing time after ingredient dosing for a homogenous dough or paste and gönül handle up to 3 batcher per hour.

Tempered chocolate başmaklık to be heated to the temperature of chocolate inside the melting tank. Use decrystallization tube for the heat exchanging purpose. Melted chocolate inside the melter dirilik be transfered to storage tank so equipment to be ready for the next melting batch.

Please read the Grinding section about how to use it and it’s limitations. Please note, the bowl is Derece dishwasher safe.

Conches are stainless steel and have access panels for easy cleaning and even removal of the conhing elements

For alışılagelen operation, you’ll only need one worker to load product onto the grid and/or adjust the machine settings. We recommend having two workers available during changeover of the melt grid and removal of the stirrer.

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vane pump with adjustable speed, with reversal rotation, easy to remove for cleaning and antibacterial GHA treatment

Faster working time: The machine is faster than a cocoa melanger, which means you güç create larger batches of chocolate in less time.

Our services and training are designed to keep you up to date on products CHOCOLATE PREPARATION KITCHEN EQUIPMENT and technologies, giving you the confidence and experience you need.

Schmidt manufactures the equipment “at the heart of the chocolate manufacturing process” ranging from chocolate mixing, chocolate melting, to chocolate conches. 

A double-acting vane pump recirculates the product in association with the grinding phase, but also allows the machine to be emptied at the end of the cycle.

It consists of a double-jacket cylinder with serrated internal surface. Spring-loaded scrapers break the particles during rotation; volatile water and flavours are removed by ventilation and heating.

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